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 A synthetic cork with the ability to last 4 years plus. Supercorks are manufactured in Italy by Enolandia. One of the very first companies to make a synthetic cork, they have a history of quality since the 1980's. Supercorks have been tested to keep their elasticity and sealing integrity for at least four years. This makes them a nice alternative for winemakers who want to eliminate the potential issues of porosity or TCA contamination inherent in cheaper natural corks but also want the ability to age wine more than a few years. This cork measures 23x43mm.

Product Specifications:
Construction: Manufactured from recyclable thermoplastic high-tech materials
Chemical details: Polietilene, Food pigments, Food expanders.
Lubrication: Silico-paraffinic solution. No solvents.
Preservation: Corks should be kept away from any possible contact with liquids and odors. Keep at temperature of 18-25° C especially in the summer season.
Certification: Corks comply with antitoxic certificates from public authorities. Meets european standards and FDA. Follows CEE directive 85/572-89/109-90/128.

Wine Corks - Synthetic Supercorks - 23x43 (100ct)