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Gather Supplies


Stainless steel kettle (6-8 gallon)
Fermenting container (6-10 gallon)
Large stirring spoon
Sanitizing solution
Bottle or Carboy washer
Straining bags
Wort chiller
Timer or stopwatch
Food grade bucket with a spigot (5- gallon)
Bottles and caps
Bottle capper

Sanitize & Prep

If using an outdoor burner, follow the set-up instructions and be sure to follow all safety precautions.

Test the wort chiller, siphon, and timer making sure each works properly.
Wipe down your workspace with a clean wet rag and cover with clean paper towels.

Rinse kettle to get rid of any dust and debris. Place upside down on paper towels.
Follow the instructions on the sanitizing solution to make 5-gallons. If using a carboy, make the solution in the carboy and cover with plastic wrap for the duration specified on the sanitizing solution instructions.

Empty the carboy into the food-grade bucked and cover the top of the carboy with a new piece of plastic wrap. Set carboy aside.

Place scissors, airlock, thermometer, and siphon into the sanitizing solution.

Pull the yeast from the refrigerator to bring to room temperature.


If using Liquid Malt Extract (LME), place the unopened pouch in a bowl of hot water and set aside.

Place cracked grain in a straining bag and set aside.

Place your kettle on the burner and fill with 6 gallons of water before igniting. Adding an extra gallon of water will compensate for evaporation during the boil. Leave the pot uncovered and bring to 150° F.

When the water reaches 150° F stir in LME and add your grain. You can wrap the strings of the straining bag to the handle of the kettle. Start your timer for 30 min. Stir occasionally.
It is important to keep the temperature at 150° F for 30 min.

After 30 min remove the straining bag and adjust heat settings on your burner to bring the wort to a full boil. Stir occasionally.

When your wort starts to boil, start your timer for 60 min.

Follow the hop schedule for your recipe.

Place wort chiller in wort 10 min before the end of the boil and place unopened yeast into the sanitizing solution.

Remove siphon and airlock from sanitizing solution and place on a paper towel-lined surface to air dry.


Cool & Transfer

Turn off the heat and run cold water through the wort chiller until the wort cools to 70°.

If you’re not using a wort chiller, after turning off the heat use potholders to transfer your kettle to an ice bath.

Remove the yeast from the sanitizing solution and set it on a paper towel-lined surface.
To transfer your 70° wort to the fermenting container, place the siphon into the wort and the hose end into the fermenter. Do not allow the siphon to reach the bottom of the kettle.

Discard the tab from the bottom of the kettle.

add the yeast to the fermenter and cover with clean plastic wrap.

Mix in the yeast by carefully moving the fermenter side to side.

Carefully move your wort to a dark place for the fermentation process.

Remove the plastic wrap from the carboy and press in the assembled airlock.

Fill the airlock with water and apply the cap.

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